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Bicycles for Education


Following the end of 26 year long civil war in Sri Lanka, in 2009 populations that have been displaced in the North began the staggered process of return and resettlement in their places of origin. From 2012 onwards

Bicycles for Poor kids in Uhana Amprai and Vellavaly in Batticola

Bicycles for Poor kids in Uhana Amprai and Vellavaly in Batticola
A daily trip to school and back for students in Uhana Amparai is not the same joyful experience most of us encounter in our lives – The distance to travel, lack of proper transportation, and lack of facilities nearby make it

Homes for Children-Godagampola


Mr. K. L. Saman Kumara and his family lives in Imbulpitiya, Godagampola which falls under the Dehiowita DS division. Saman works as a general laborer and his daily wage is the only income source for his two children and his wife who

Homes for Children-Karuwalagaswewa


Mr. Thilakaratna and his wife Somawathi lives in Karuwalagaswewa in the Saliyawewa GS Division which is a flood susceptible area.  They have a 13 year old Daughter, a grade 9 bright child who schools Saliyawewa Vidyalaya. Mr. Thilakarathna earns a modest living

Homes for Children-Kegalle


Indrani Wijesinghe and her family resides in Gatiyamulla GN division which is a very remote area that belongs to Bulathkohupitiya AGA division. The family includes 5 members – herself, Saliya Bandara (husband), their 2 children and the grandmother. Saliya works as a

Relief from Drought- Batticaloa


Give2Lanka which is known to predominantly assist causes related to Child education and empowerment including housing and transport for children, is now making adjustments both strategically and operationally to raise funds towards drought relief work.
Give2Lanka has taken on provision of water

Relief from Drought-Puttalam


Water is the most fundamental and the most precious element of life. At present, based on the situation reports of Disaster Management Centre (DMC), approximately 915,000 people have been affected by prevailing ‘droughts in 23 districts of Sri Lanka.  Over 400 families in

Scholarships for Bright Children


Bright Poor Children who get excellent results at Ordinary Level and Advance Level fail to enter University due to lack of seats and also fail to do any other higher studies due to lack of finances in the family.
Berendina provides scholarships


Despite the government (Water Board) spending millions of rupees and building major water projects in East using International loans people in the East are unable  to get piped water connections  due to the inability to pay the Rs.5600 charge asked by Water Board from Samurdhi families. (over 80% are Samurdhi