Who we are


Give2Lanka exists to function as a fundraising platform for deserving causes addressed by well governed and managed charitable institutions. It is a not-for-profit organization registered as a guarantee company under the companies act of Sri Lanka.

Give2Lanka began its operations with 2 objectives,

  • To ensure that the Bright Children Program initiated by Berendina in Aug 2015 reaches 10,000 children by 2020. This is currently the largest private scholarship program in the island assisting 2,200 children.
  • To seek assistance of the public to fill the funding gap for well managed local NGOs, due to dwindling international donor agency support, and for financially debilitated NGOs that support deserving causes in the areas of youth education and empowerment.

Vision and Mission

To enable every bright needy child in Sri Lanka an equal opportunity to fulfill his or her aspirations through education and employment , and thereby enrich our nation with productive and valuable citizens.
To assist bright needy children in education and career development in partnership with corporates and individuals having similar values .


Is to address causes that focus on child education by also enabling education conducive environments via facilitation of the likes of housing and transportation. We identify well managed NGOs that have the capacity to address such needs and attempt to mobilize them to support causes.


Dulan de Silva completed Chartered Management (ICMA UK) examinations in 1972. He worked as in the Finance Sector ending up as Finance Manager of State Trading Consolidated Corporation in 1977 the then largest exporter in Sri Lanka. He joined Oman telecommunication Co as Budget Officer and worked for one year. With this income he completed a MBA in Florida State University in 1981. As his passion from age of 15 was to help alleviate poverty in 1986 he joined Sarvodaya to form SEEDS the first best practice collateral free micro finance agency in Sri Lanka spurning much more attractive offers from the private sector. This program reached and assisted over 300,000 families to receive credit. He went on to consult in over 15 countries and Sri Lanka for agencies such as IFAD, World Bank, ADB ,UNDP New York , DFID, Novib, FAO in micro finance , micro business, NGO institution building and skills training.

In 1992 he started consulting for Berendina Stichting creating the Berendina Group of NGO’s which now stand at 4 with a budget over Rs2 billion and over 325 staff. (Berendina.org jobsberendina.com) He left Berendina on 31st Dec 2015 to commence Give2Lanka (Gte) Ltd in order to raise funds for well managed NGO’s who are currently struggling to raise funds to addresses the numerous causes they are working on. A second motivation to start this is to increase the number of children provided with educational scholarships by Berendina

Roshan Bamberadeniya continually exploring means of contributing and sharing knowledge to assist causes which support the under privileged and marginalized, teamed up with Dulan in this challenging endeavour which is somewhat unchartered waters in Sri Lanka.

Roshan, a Chartered IT Professional of the British Computer Society, Australian Computer Society and a B.Sc (UK) in Information Technology Management, has over 19 years of extensive experience in ICT ranging from, ERP system implementation, CRM & Software systems development, IT Infrastructure Development, Corporate IT Governance, IT Auditing, Strategic Management, BPO services management and Direct Marketing. Has worked in senior management positions in the Academic, Software Development, Manufacturing, INGO and other BPO service oriented sectors with a track record for innovation and quality of service. He has delivered results in strategic management positions learning and working with the best minds in the industry.

Nurtured in the disciplines of Information Technology, HRD & Administration at Care International Sri Lanka, he is also conversant with the structured culture & process of NGOs in multiple facets. Well experienced in Direct & targeted Marketing which includes strategizing, planning and mobilizing fundraising projects to charity foundations like SOS Children’s village and the Deaf & Blind School.

Co-Founder and Director of Prudentia Infinity with a vision to serve the demands of the industry and gain identity for providing complete IT solutions with the highest quality. A Consultant & Advisor to Seneru Information Technology, still persistent with a passion for creating software with a business sense.

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