Fruits of Flood Rehabilitation Aid

Give2Lanka to the rescue again…this time with the help of Gecko Sri Lanka.

As a part of its flood rehabilitation work, Give2Lanka recently managed to help 2 families by
providing them with much needed toilet facilities. What’s so special about these toilets is that they
are flood resistant with underground water proof sumps that will function well even during floods.



Nimal Ranjith with 07 members in his family and N. Ganeshan with his family of 05 have
immensely suffered from the consequences of the recent floods and completely helpless with no
means of even meting their sanitary requirements. Being Wellampitiya residents and daily waged
workers, they find themselves occasionally victims of floods and other illnesses that are caused as a
result. These are only 2 out of many other families which suffer similar misfortunes.

Give2Lanka together with the generosity of Gecko Sri Lanka and the development assistance of
Sevanatha Urban Resource Center managed to put these families at ease by recently launching 2
brand new flood-resistant toilets. Gecko Sri Lanka is a UK registered charity founded in the
aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by a group of second generation Sri Lankan students.
Over the years Gecko has deepened their relationship with Sri Lanka through varying projects,
volunteering experiences and with each other through their social fundraising events. Similarly
Sevantha is the most respected NGOs working in urban areas, especially in slums.

With donor assistance of the likes of Gecko, Give2Lanka hopes to engage in many more activities
that assist deserving causes. You too can be a contributor to these causes found at Help us continue our assistance towards these families & their children,
who have a right towards basic amenities on health & education.


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