Relief from Drought-Puttalam


Water is the most fundamental and the most precious element of life. At present, based on the situation reports of Disaster Management Centre (DMC), approximately 915,000 people have been affected by prevailing ‘droughts in 23 districts of Sri Lanka.  Over 400 families in 5 villages in Puttalam alone, have been severely affected and considered to be the most vulnerable. Villages like Paligama, Nelumgama, Rajavigama, Naleewewa, Syambalewa and Heenatikalma are now being helped by Give2Lanka. In doing so Give2Lanka has partnered with ‘Voice Area Federation’ to provide these villages with access to drinking water as well as tanks to store the water.Zonta Club 11 and Star Printers assisted this work.

Give2Lanka and Vision’s  installied water tanks in these villages and provide clean drinking water to these tanks via bowsers. The distance of the nearest water source is between 25 and 45 Km and bowser transportation costs starts at Rs.1,000 per 4,000 liters of water. A 2,000 liter capacity water tank will cost Rs.22,000. The public is invited to donate any amount of their choosing towards this cause. Give2Lanka has also structured donations in a way where they can also sponsor a bowser of water for Rs.6,000 or a water tank for Rs.22,000. 10% of this donation will go to Give2Lanka  in order to maintain efforts in supporting this cause and no other overheads will be involved.There are many other villages who need water .

We plead for your generosity towards this cause through Give2Lanka to assist these people in desperate need of water for their daily consumption needs.”

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  • To provide immediate relief to selected villages in Puttalam or any other drought affected district  by setting up water tanks and filling them with water via water bowsers which will carry water sourced from a central point
  • To provide pipe borne water connections to selected beneficiaries which will provide clean drinking water, regardless of the drought or floods


  • VOICE is a federation that made up of three Community Based Organizations (CBOs) located in 4 Divisional Secretariat Divisions. VOICE Area Federation staff recruited by Board of Directors designs & implements projects which focused life stage development of the children, from aged 0 to 5, 6-14 and 15-24 year. Participatory approach is key principle of VOICE Area Federation. VOICE through its sponsorship program has gone on to work for over 3,500 enrolled children & more than 2,000 non enrolled children in the area.”Voice was started by Child Fund International and is now a local not for profit.


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