Homes for Children-Godagampola


Mr. K. L. Saman Kumara and his family lives in Imbulpitiya, Godagampola which falls under the Dehiowita DS division. Saman works as a general laborer and his daily wage is the only income source for his two children and his wife who is pregnant with the third. Although they own an inherited land of 15 perches, renovating or building a new house is only a wish in the midst of the financial struggle to survive. So they continue to dwell in this makeshift house facing the various threats from nature and its seasonality.

Saman’s elder son Matheesa Nirmal is 9 years old and studying in Grade 4 at Imbulpitiya Kanishta Vidyalaya and the second son Lasith Chamara is 4 years and attends Montessori.


The Solution: To build a small house with one bedroom and toilet which is livable.




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