Bicycles for Education


Following the end of 26 year long civil war in Sri Lanka, in 2009 populations that have been displaced in the North began the staggered process of return and resettlement in their places of origin. From 2012 onwards the Northern Province faced new challenges. Humanitarian aid funding slowly diminished and actors moved towards development-oriented interventions, particularly as Sri Lanka graduated to “middle income” country status in the last few years as aid purviews shift to driving development, the immediate needs and interests of selected group resettling in the North remain unmet. Vulnerable individuals struggle the most to gain footing the broader struggle for survival. Female breadwinners, persons with disability, orphans and elderly, among others, are key components to the totality of any community.

However, in the struggle to survive, such individuals are often marginalized. By leveraging its strong local relationships and trusted presence in the North, HUDEC is working on filling the gaps in the areas Construction, Livelihoods, Water Sanitation facilities, empowerment, Microfinance and Education to ensure a smooth transition. Beneficiary vulnerabilities that will be considered include; orphans, children with one parent, widows, female headed households, people living with disabilities and landless IDPs. HUDEC will support children of those families, who have “fallen through the cracks”, through provision of bicycles. This complements the already existing integrated approach HUDEC applies in current programming, linking livelihoods, education support programs. Only when marginalized people feel secure can such families build resilient base to become self-sufficient and fully integrated.

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Provision of Push Bicycles to children hailing from most vulnerable families that will help in improved level of education through ease of access to schools and education centers. At present walking long distances is the only mode of transport as affording bust fare is deemed a luxury.  These bicycles will also have a secondary purpose and impact on livelihoods of these families when used as means of transport for trade activities.


Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC was founded in 1968 by a pioneering and visionary priest, Father Joe Fernando. Its sole mission empowering people through animation and being in Solidarity in their efforts for integral human development. HUDEC is the Jaffna arm of Cartias and is headed by Fr.Francis

We have also partnered palm East in implementing this project in Batticalo and can also work in any other area with local partners

We have also partnered palm East in implementing this project in Batticalo and can also work in any other area with local partners



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